My G-ma is coming!

... an Abigail post

Posted by Abigail on July 28, 2019

I woke up this morning. I almost forgot that my wonderful G-ma was coming, but as soon as I remembered, I felt happy and delighted.

You probably don't know why she's coming. I can tell you why!

My family (Rachel, Eden, and myself) have been thinking about doing Classical Conversations, but my mom has Practicum to see if it will be good for us (Rachel,Eden, and myself). Practicum takes a few days, so i am staying at my G-mas house for a long time. My mom is coming on Sunday to hang out a couple extra days!

Now that you know my morning, let's get to reality: I packed up making my mom mad by her saying "You don't have to pack up now! You're leaving tomorrow!" I packed up anyway and had a bad attitude and did not listen like I should have.

My mom wasn't only mad about the packing situation, but our chores were not done and we were being lazy wandering around. Rachel was laying on her bed doing nothing. My mom said "Load up the dishes! Then take a shower." I nicely loaded the dishes and went to take a shower. My mom came out screaming, "Abigail! You make messes and never pick them up! Go look at the living room!" I said humbly "Let me finish my shower, Then I'll go pick up the living room." When I was done with my shower, I got in my moms red robe and started picking up the living room .

A couple hours later my G-ma came! I had to say to myself a million times, "We are not leaving yet Abigail, We are leaving tomorrow." That's the end of my blog for today.